You might not think that programmers are artists, but programming is an extremely creative profession. It's logic-based creativity.

  • Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all.

Human and Computer

God said let us make man in our own image, so he made the Soul, having his focus on what he want the soul to achieve(Software), he have to put the soul in a body(Hardware) for his earthly (environment) purpose, also having known that soul(software) alone in the body(hardware) is not enough to achieve his aim for creating man and that souls(software) can hardly communicate with him from earth, he have to put his spirit(firmware) in man, making human to comprise of 3 major parts which are spirit, soul and body.

Now the spirit of God in man introduces many things like breath, feelings, heartbeat and many more. As an Engineer I can say that a new born baby receives the spirit at birth, now other functional parts of human is related to their computer counterparts in the table below.

SpiritFirmwareBibleUser Manual
SoulSoftwarePastorsSoftware Engineers
BodyHardwareDoctorsHardware Technicians
Tribe(Human can speak more than one language)Operating System(Computers can run more than one OS)Wisdom Book WritersLow Level Language Programmers
BrainCPUKnowledge Book WritersHigh Level Language Programmers
PsychologistSystem Analyzer

I can’t just list all here, because of space but with these and more I have to explain, I hereby disprove the saying that “Computer is Garbage in Garbage out while human is not”. Human is garbage in garbage out because everything human can give out is what they either learnt on their own or taught by someone, and computer can as well be designed to do so.

There are other creations that exist but can’t do what human can do, same ways there are other electronic devices that exist but can’t do what a computer can do. The only difference between computer and human is salvation. And it is written that the power of creation have been given to men. So I am a digital god by the power of the Almighty God….. WE CREATE. Proudly Computer engineer.

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